Monday, 9 June 2014

Shopping Your Closet

My second video is up on my YouTube Channel, tallandtiny. The link is at the side of my blog if you wanna check it out. I styled 1 printed top with 4 different looks. Each outfit is appropriate for a certain occasion. I chose to vary the looks from casual events to more formal-esque ones, such as brunch. It really shows how versatile a piece of clothing can be if styled right. Shopping every week isn't necessary when you can shop your closet. You have a wardrobe full of potential, all you have to do is think outside the box. Just think of innovative ways of styling your pieces and make it your own. Here's my second video!

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Friday, 6 June 2014

I Made A Youtube Channel!

I decided to make a YouTube channel where I can do some styling videos. My channel's name is "tallandtiny" and I've just put up my first video. It's slightly amateurish but considering that's my first one, I'd say it isn't so bad. I did a school lookbook since school is starting for us, Filipinos. It's more appropriate for people in college considering that most high schools have uniforms but if yours does not then good for you! I made it dress-code friendly as possible. I took into consideration my university's dress code. I'll be making more styling videos soon! I've been writing down some video ideas. My WWWProject has not kicked off yet aside from that vague introduction that I did as my last post. I'll try my best to actually start it. I'd like to share here my first video up on my channel.

If you'd like to check out and subscribe to my channel, here's the link!  It's still in progress so please be patient with me as I work on it some more! 

- Kat